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SaaS and IoT: What's NEXT

Problem Statement:

Evident Lack of Visualization of end product or solution. The problem with project planning is the large amount of time, resources, and budget that it takes to turn preparation documents into real-time prototypes. For more efficiency in project planning and design, business clients want to visualize the product before it is built. They do not want to waste time, money, and resources on “paper” solutions that bring little value and have brief product lifecycles. They value true ROIs on their projects and want to see what they are getting, how long it will last, and the estimation on ROIs before they actually get it.


The Cole Group's BridgeNext© - Automation without the heartache. Imagine your Project Team starting the day drawing a complex content management system workflow in Microsoft Visio, having the ability to implement, verify, and test that same workflow in real time, and delivering complete project requirements and related ROI documents to your email inbox -- within that same Business day. Imagine you are requesting an internal collaboration and branding website for a new product on Tuesday afternoon, your Project Team drafting a site map on MS Visio on Wednesday morning, and delivering a fully functional SharePoint business site prototype complete with complex document approval workflows – within that same Business day. With TCG's BridgeNext© Technology Solution, those abstract scenarios become tangible realities. BridgeNext© serves as a virtual router between your networked Microsoft, SAP, and Oracle software suites to turn hypothetical drawings and business requirements into fully functional system prototypes within one business day.


Through Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, BridgeNext© connects input applications (such as SQL database, MS Visio, and AutoCad files) with output applications (such as SharePoint 2013, SharePoint Designer, and a host of hardware machines). Through SaaS, we connect your series of software applications, ports, and hosts within your network to get the input data from those applications to the intermediate points, and ultimately to the output applications and 3D machines for dynamic product prototypes.

BridgeNext Process


Through our SaaS and IoT technology, BridgeNext© lets you drive your own solutions in your own time. We do not put a timer on your innovation, however if you need an excellent product within a given time, BridgeNext© stands to deliver. You upload the drawings, database file, and cad files into the BridgeNext© application, fill out a brief request form, and we deliver a complete product prototype to your network queue for verification and testing by your own project team. Simple for you, but our products are unmatched in design.


BridgeNext© Application connects to your laptop, smart device, and output machines to ensure communication wherever you are. We bring the technology to you. We are always connected to your applications and output systems so that service can be completed while you are on an airplane, on the beach, or shopping.


So if we have yet to convince you why BridgeNext© should be your number one SaaS provider, here’s the thriller: We offer 24-hour support and service for less than a Starbucks Venti-whatever a day. BridgeNext© – Let’s Go!

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